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The African Professional™ Officially Launched! PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 09 September 2013 10:27


The African Professional™ Magazine was officially launched at a colourful dinner at The Wanderers Golf Club on 31 August 2013. Pictures on the event can be found on our new Facebook page : [REMEMBER TO LIKE THE PAGE].

Do visit our new website and remember to register on the website to receive regular updates. The African Professional™ magazine is now available at CNA stores countrywide. Herewith the Editor's Note on the new issue which also discusses this revolutionary change.

For details on what to expect in the new issue, visit



Since our last issue, with the exception of the re-election of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, the admission to hospital of Nelson Mandela has had a clamp-like grip on continental news. In my opinion, if Britons are normal for obsessing about the birth of a royal baby, Africans can be forgiven for their profound interest in the health of their most celebrated hero.

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Peprah: Intrigues of a Ghanaian Funeral PDF Print E-mail
Written by Yaw Peprah   
Thursday, 06 June 2013 23:07

IMG 4193QUOTE: "My grandmother's funeral in Ghana span a number of days. I learnt a lot about my people but the Westerner in me wondered 'Don't this people work?'"

Late last year, I travelled through Europe and was intrigued by countries like the UK where they have efficient public transportation systems. It is no wonder that a little mud island managed to conquer large parts of this world. It got me thinking – is it that we Africans just can't get things right, or perhaps are we comparing ourselves to a western way of living which is clearly not a natural way of life for us.

When my father left us in Ghana in early 1982 to move to SA, we couldn't go with him because my mother was pregnant. While he was away, my parents' friends, neighbours and relatives were more than willing to assist. I remember many an aunt coming and bringing food over. I noted the same thing when we moved to Umtata; it is inherently African.

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Toye Abioye: Investing in Nigeria a no-brainer PDF Print E-mail
Written by Keith Kundai   
Thursday, 06 June 2013 22:57

Toye 3QUOTE: "The Nigerian market is lost to Vodacom forever. They were given the first opportunity of all foreign cellular networks to open up shop there but shied away citing poor infrastructure and other difficulties. With these same difficulties, MTN Nigeria now contributes over 60% of the Groups global profit after tax."

Adetoyese "'Toye" Abioye begins our interview at a Joburg restaurant by showing me an article published in the Business Times in late 2012 titled "Vodacom sees light at the end of Africa tunnel". The article highlights the giant of the SA cellular market's notable failure to replicate its local success on the rest of the African continent, central to which is the company's decision not to enter the Nigerian market where its competitor MTN is making an absolute killing.

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AUPSA Chairman Stephen Twinoburyo PDF Print E-mail
Written by Keith Kundai   
Thursday, 06 June 2013 22:39

IMG 3771Quote: "I sold my car to set up my business. Even my first secretary, who unlike me had a vehicle, did not believe in me along with a number of friends who thought I would not succeed in Menlo Park as it was a 'white area'. Today we have eight staffers and teach 250 multi-racial students a year..."

Born in 1970, Stephen Twinoburyo grew up in the Western part of Uganda in a town called Mbarara. After high school, he enrolled in Makerere University where he pursued a four year degree in Electrical Engineering.

"My father and the headmaster insisted I should pursue medicine instead of law or journalism which I had a passion for. Engineering was the eventual compromise," bemoaned Stephen when interviewed by this magazine in November 2012.

In 1994, soon after South Africa held its first democratic elections, Stephen got the opportunity to travel to Soweto with South African veterans who were stationed in Uganda. The ten day visit made him fall in love with the country compelling him to return in 1997 and he has never looked back.

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Book Review: Dark Continent My Black Arse PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wanjiru Waichigo   
Thursday, 06 June 2013 22:47

picQuote: "It is a refreshing and reasonable cause for excitement to have a travel book by a black African author but his obsession with the female body gets a little stale after a few chapters. There are only so many ways you can say a woman has a gorgeous behind....."

It was a hot Sunday afternoon and I was busy at work in Oshakati, a semi-urban town in Northern Namibia, when my colleague whispered to me, "You spend too much time on the road, moving around. How do you manage as a woman all alone? Do you have a personal journal?"

Now, at that time I was desperate for a good book by an African author which was proving to be very difficult to find in Oshakati. My colleague's "concerns" reminded me of the book "Dark Continent my black Arse". Though published in 2007, I had yet to read it and so two days later whilst in Windhoek I finally picked up a copy albeit with some effort.

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